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Frequently Asked Questions
How many seats are in the theater?
Ursuline Arts Center has 507 seats, plus wheelchair seating. There are 403 seats on the first floor and 104 in the balcony.

Is your theater handicap accessible?
Yes, we are fully handicap accessible, with space for wheelchair patrons located in the front, back and balcony of the house. Our balcony has elevator access. We also have hearing assist headsets available on request.

How much parking is available?
For evening events we have adequate parking. Less parking is available for events that take place during the school year when Sacred Heart Schools is in session. We recommend that you tour our facilities to see if our parking situation will work for your daytime event that takes place during the school year.

Are food and drink allowed in the theater?
Food and drink are only allowed in the Tom and Barbara Thieneman Atrium. Performers are permitted to have food and drink backstage and in the Green Room.

Can we sell concessions as part of our function?
Yes, Ursuline Arts Center includes a concession area in the Tom and Barbara Thieneman Atrium. However, we require that the doors to the house (first floor and balcony) be monitored to prevent patrons from taking concessions into the theater.

What does the tech fee cover?
The tech fee covers basic lighting and sound. Complex lighting designs requiring outside design time are subject to additional cost. Our technical director will operate either lighting or sound during your event. Should your event require both a sound and light board operator, additional crew can be provided by you or by UAC for an additional charge.

How long do we get to use the facility should we choose to rent it?
The facility is available to you for 8 hours per rental day. You may choose how you use your 8 hours. Note that performance days will be charged the performance rate.

How much back stage space is available for performers?
We have 17 vanity stations in our women’s dressing room and 8 in the men’s dressing room. In addition, the green room and scene shop area will comfortably accommodate many more.

What does my rental fee get me?
The rental fee includes access to the stage, house, atrium, concession stand, ticket counter, coat check, dressing rooms, green room and available lighting and sound equipment.
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